Have you ever wanted to spend more quality time with your kids?

It can be difficult in these busy modern times where many of us, teens, kids and adults spend more and more time on our screens, to carve out space in our daily lives for quality time. Even when we arrive home at the end of the day it can be enticing to simply tune out with the TV on. I’m not sure how you do it, but we have found that spending time with kids in sport can be incredibly rewarding.

I’d like to talk about a way to spend more quality time with your kids through participating in their football hobby. This is relevant for hanging out with our girls and boys. In fact at Sial Sport our mission is to help more girls develop their passion for Soccer by supporting girls teams with fundraising skills and of course Australia’s best sporting equipment.

One of the best ways to spend time with your kids is through a hobby or sport which your son or daughter is involved with. We are going to suggest that involving yourself with your daughters Soccer Team can help you enter her world by doing things that she likes.

As our kids get older it’s easier to forgo that play time which was so much more simple to join in with when the kids were younger. I remember fondly hours of Lego play, and building hot-wheels tracks & cities.

As our kids mature of course their greater independence is a positive developmental step. By being involved in their sport as a hobby or to help them reach the goal of working in Sports in the future. Spending quality time with your teens can have a lasting impact on both parent and teen.

Soccer is where my boys were most passionate, it becomes a way to let them know that you care about them. That you understand what it is they are dealing with from day to day as you navigate with them through after school activities.

Soccer is an amazing sport for all ages. It builds fitness, motor skills, coordination and so much more. It is an ultimate team sport as well. Sports are great because of the physical expression and of course taking an interest in how your child is doing in Soccer and following what their concerns are can take place away from what is often a busy household. Showing an interest in your child’s soccer participation away from your house gives you time even whilst traveling there and back to invite sharing time.

Once you arrive home after soccer practice or a match it can be a great time to connect. Sometimes helping out with fundraising can be another very win-win activity that can bring you into touch with other parents as well as help out the team in a meaningful way, many of us have workplace skills that would advantage those efforts.

It’s hard to commit to another activity that requires carving out yet more time in our hectic schedules. I highly recommend making the time as we all know, the kids leave home in a blink of an eye. This time spent with sports teams and other parents can be really, really fun!
Well worth the effort in scheduling and quality time with your loved ones of course is priceless.