Sial Sport Australia believes in Empowering Girls to Stay in Sports

Many coaches and parents have asked why are girls quitting their sports as they get older?

By age 14 girls are leaving behind their days of competitive sports at twice the rate of boys.

Reasons relating to fewer opportunities is one of the issues facing sportswomen all around the world. If access to sports also includes a less inclusive or expensive pursuit of sport out of schools many girls do not find it feasible to participate. Sometimes when good facilities do exist nearer home it can be a race to play catch up on the facilities for the extra women in traditionally male sporting facilities.

We know that confidence is one of the benefits of remaining in sports as girls get older, as well as becoming more comfortable with leadership and the myriad benefits of early involvement in teamwork.

We see as parents the fierce enjoyment and energy of our girls as they participate in Sports from a young age. The excitement and enjoyment is inspiring to watch even as a parent or coach on the sidelines.

At Sial Sports Australia we are concerned about the factors that may lead to this precipitous drop off in participation. Issues often mentioned include body-consciousness/feeling judged and fear of being thrown out of a circle of friends as girls age has been noted as a contributing factor.

We believe that many of these factors can be countered, but most probably we have to start where the true power lies, which is within the home. Parenting or as we like to refer to it as Conscious Parenting allows us to focus on helping our girls really step into their power by talking about role models, and of course walking the talk.

In further articles we will discuss how we perceive Conscious Parenting and bring you resources for spending quality time with your kids, with a focus on your girls. In order to encourage young women to stick with their sports.

It is important to note that many women do continue on. We have seen this as we build our connection with tens of thousands of #womenssoccer teams online.

All over the world the game of Soccer or #football is being used for good. There are so many wonderful organizations and as a part of our efforts we will be bringing you the good news about all these many fine and deserving sports teams, podcasts and social initiatives that are bringing profound changes to marginalized and underprivileged groups all around the world.